We are the Jerry

Why is this blog a thing? Why should I read it? What is a Jerry?

This blog is a thing for a couple of reasons. The first being that writing is fun and living out of a truck camper provides never-ending experiences to write about–some of them freeing and inspirational, some extremely frustrating and logistically challenging and some of them straight up bizarre. The second reason for this blog is that there is a real lack of transparency when it comes to people documenting their non-traditional living situations. Instead of partner acro-yoga and product placement, we’ll be serving up information that we’ve found helpful, travel details, financial realities and poop stories. You’re welcome.

You should read this blog it if you’re interested in travel, truck campers, traveling in truck campers or if you’re one of our moms. You should also read it if the #vanlife butts that once excited you now make your eyes glaze over. You should read this blog if, like us, you might just dry heave after reading another ~inspirational~ photo caption about quitting your job and letting fate take over. We’re not #blessed, just making deliberate choices that allow us a life that we want. And that life includes travel, a life outdoors and hard fucking work to make those a reality. You should read this blog if any of that resonates with you. If it doesn’t and you’re really just hoping for some butt shots maybe Aaron can deliver.

As for the Jerry, the internet defines the Jerry as follows: “An individual who exhibits a true lack of understanding for their sport, or for life in general”. Jerry can be any gender, Jerry can be any race, Jerry can be from any financial background but a true Jerry happily bumbles through their chosen activity, blissfully unaware of how stupid they look doing it. We are the Jerry. Welcome to our blog.



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